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  • Nikhil Adithyan

An Easy Way to Find the Best Online Course for You

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

It’s time to put aside your confusion and straighten your learning path


In recent years, the interest surrounding online courses and online education, in general, has surged thanks to the pandemic and lockdown situations. Ranging from young students to work professionals, everyone is opting-in for online courses to improve their skillsets and equip themselves with the needful knowledge.

But the problem right now is, since people are showing more interest in this type of education than expected, the number of courses available on the internet has also equally increased making it tough for learners to choose and pick the right one.

For people who have adequate experience with online education might not feel this is a problem since they know what they’re looking for in a specific context, but when it comes to learners who are just stepping into the online education arena, the possibility of them getting confused by seeing the colossal amount of courses provided by an infinite number of organizations and instructors is relatively high.

The Solution

As a learner myself, I faced the same problem of getting lost when confronted with the massive library of courses. So decided to tackle this problem. The basic idea was to create an application that houses online courses from different sources and enables the users to filter according to their needs through an efficient sorting system. Now the application is successfully launched in the name of InsightBig School (

With the help of InsightBig School, you can easily browse through sources like Coursera, Udemy, edX and narrow down the course offered for you using a broad range of powerful filters. You can view all the course details like the price, duration, instructors, rating to name a few and if you feel you’ve found the right course for you, enrollment can be easily made through the app.

Currently, the app comprises 10K+ online courses provided and conducted by well-known instructors, world-class universities, and huge institutions and organizations. There is indeed a plan for increasing this number along with the addition of several other online education tracks such as online degrees, specializations, masterclasses, professional certificates, and much more. The courses are aggregated from Udemy, edX, and Coursera and aim to expand the list by joining hands with other renowned providers.

Closing Notes

Right now, online courses are god’s gift for learners and students given their capability and usefulness and someone who is not able to access such resources is unfair. At InsightBig School, we are trying our best to get rid of this problem and make online education and courses more accessible than ever.

The main aim of this project is not to accomplish any sort of financial objectives but to help and serve people struggling with finding the perfect online course for them. So if you want to support the platform, the best possible way of doing it is by sharing the app with learners who you think might get benefitted from it. With that being said, happy learning!


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1 Comment

Jan 27, 2022

Useful info. Thanks

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