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  • Nikhil Adithyan

Backtest Trading Strategies without Coding for Free!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

An easy-to-use no-code platform to run any number of backtests


At the time I was introduced to the algorithmic trading arena, I was terrified than being excited due to the extensive programming it takes to build and backtest the trading strategies from scratch. After surveying, it looks like this is a common problem faced by every single person trying to figure out the coding process for algo trading.

Though it was hard, I dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs of using programming (especially Python) to construct and optimize trading strategies, and backtest them to visualize the results. But I could say, the learning experience was not that favoring and time-consuming too.


But times are changing. Nowadays, you don’t have to really know how to code things but just the programming concepts would do it. This is exactly what no-code is. This revolutionary idea has always fascinated me because of how helpful can it be in the real world.

When this concept is getting mainstream attention on web development, I was thinking differently. Why shouldn’t I apply this idea to create an algo platform where people can create and backtest trading strategies without coding for free? That’s when BacktestZone was originally born.


BacktestZone is basically a no-code platform to create, customize, and backtest any number of trading strategies without coding for zero-cost. The application is designed in such a way that it is abstract in nature so that it doesn't confuse the beginners with fuzzy words.

It also comes along with an easy-to-use interface to break down the complex stuff and more importantly, takes just a few clicks to build and backtest a trading strategy from scratch.

Present numbers

Now let’s talk numbers. Currently, there are over 4500+ tradeable US stocks to backtest trading strategies on and it is likely to increase in the upcoming days with the introduction of different exchanges (eg: India, UK, etc.) along with various assets like forex, cryptocurrency, etc.

Speaking of technical indicators, the platform houses 30+ indicators ranging from the basic ones like the Moving Averages all the way to advanced indicators such as Vortex and Stochastics. Finally, the platform has 25+ evaluation metrics which come along with plenty of numbers, percentages, ratios, and visuals.

Why use BacktestZone

One question you might have all along is why should I choose this specific platform over other big players like MetaTrader, and TradingView’s backtesting services. To me, there are two important reasons.

First off, other backtesting platforms out there either completely require coding or partially requires coding. Not to mention, the documentation for these coding is fairly complex to beginners. Whereas, with the help of BacktestZone, you can create your own desired trading strategies with literally zero effort spent on coding. It doesn't matter whether the strategy is basic or advanced, all you have to do is just a few clicks and the rest will be taken care of.

Secondly, though there are a few backtesting platforms offering no-code solutions, they charge you a hefty amount of money as a subscription. Without choosing a subscription plan, you may not be able to create and backtest strategies within a certain limit (like 3 or 5). But this is not the case with BacktestZone. You can create any number of strategies you want and backtest them with no limits for free.

Closing Notes

In summary, throughout my experience as an algo trader and researcher, I found a problem and I decided to come up with a solution that I believe a lot of people can derive utility from it. Finally, I did come up with one.

This project is created not with a business or profit motive but with one single principle, ‘to help’, because I don’t want people to suffer anymore with coding the strategies since it is really a tight corner that is tough to come out of.

Hope you will find this platform a useful one. You can launch the app using the link here and for complete visual documentation of the platform, you can use the link here. If you like this platform, kindly share it with other people who you think might be benefited. Also, I’m open to hearing your suggestions on the improvement of the platform.




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