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  • Nikhil Adithyan

EODHD: An Exciting Alternative to IEX Cloud

Updated: Jun 27

A solution to those worrying about the shutdown of IEX Cloud

EODHD: An Alternative to IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud has been a staple in the financial APIs market, trusted by traders, developers, and organizations for its reliable services. The announcement of its API shutdown has prompted many to seek alternative solutions. EODHD emerges as a leading contender, offering a seamless transition and a comprehensive suite of features.

In this article, we explore the advantages of EODHD and how it provides a smooth switch from IEX Cloud. We’ll highlight the benefits of transitioning to EODHD to maintain and enhance your trading or development processes.

1. Comprehensive Fundamental Data

EODHD provides an extensive database of fundamental data, essential for a wide range of financial analyses. For major US companies, data goes back to 1985, offering over 30 years of information for in-depth trend analysis. Non-US symbols are supported from 2000, providing over 21 years of data. This includes around 11,000 tickers from major US exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, and ARCA, with 20 years of yearly and quarterly data.

For minor companies, the database includes data for the past six years and the last 20 quarters, enabling insights into emerging companies and small-cap stocks. EODHD also supports over 20,000 US mutual funds and more than 10,000 ETFs globally. This continually growing dataset ensures users have access to rich historical and up-to-date financial data, crucial for thorough analysis and market edge.

2. Renowned Customer Support

EODHD is acclaimed for its 24/7 customer support, praised for rapid response times and efficiency, even on weekends, as highlighted on TrustPilot. This constant availability ensures users receive timely assistance for both critical and routine queries. Their dedication to exceptional customer service makes EODHD a reliable choice for traders and developers needing dependable support.

3. Versatile Integration & No-code Solutions

EODHD supports a variety of programming environments, including Python, Java, PHP/Laravel, R, C#, F#, CURL, and WGET, offering flexibility for developers. This allows seamless integration of EODHD’s financial data into various applications.

For those preferring no-code solutions, EODHD provides user-friendly tools like an Excel Add-In and Google Sheets Integration, a WordPress plugin, and downloadable tools for Windows and Linux. Additionally, a Postman collection and Power BI integration are available for simplified API testing and advanced data visualization, ensuring accessibility for users of all technical backgrounds.

4. Performance & Reliability

EODHD excels in delivering real-time data via WebSockets with an impressive latency of under 50 milliseconds, crucial for timely and informed trading decisions. Whether monitoring stock prices, tracking market movements, or executing trades, EODHD’s real-time data feed provides a competitive edge in fast-paced financial markets.

To ensure accuracy and reliability, EODHD employs multiple data providers, cross-referencing and validating data from various sources. This robust approach minimizes discrepancies and enhances data trustworthiness, giving users confidence in their analyses and decisions.

5. Extensive Market Coverage

EODHD covers global financial markets, including stocks, ETFs, indices, bonds, mutual funds, options, forex pairs, and cryptocurrencies. The API encompasses data from nearly 80 exchanges worldwide, featuring over 20,000 ETFs, more than 600 indices, upwards of 150,000 tickers, and 1,100 forex pairs.

This extensive market coverage allows traders, developers, and analysts to make well-informed decisions and construct versatile trading strategies. EODHD’s reach spans North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, enabling comprehensive analysis of global market trends.

6. A Plethora of Educational Resources

EODHD supports traders and financial enthusiasts with an extensive range of educational resources. The EODHD Academy features over 100 articles by subject experts, offering practical use cases for utilizing EODHD’s APIs in algorithmic trading and financial analysis. The Academy serves as a valuable knowledge repository, enhancing trading strategies and technical skills.

Additionally, EODHD maintains an active blog with articles on API updates, new feature releases, and educational content, helping users stay informed about the latest developments and how to leverage EODHD’s APIs effectively.


EODHD is a powerful and robust alternative to IEX Cloud, offering extensive features for developers and financial analysts. With comprehensive fundamental data spanning decades, renowned 24/7 customer support, and versatile integration options, EODHD ensures seamless access to invaluable financial information.

The platform’s real-time data feed, with minimal latency and validated accuracy, provides the timely and reliable information necessary for successful trading. Coupled with extensive market coverage and a wealth of educational resources, EODHD equips users with the tools and knowledge to optimize their trading strategies.

For those seeking a reliable and feature-rich alternative to IEX Cloud, EODHD presents a compelling choice that combines depth, reliability, and user-friendliness.



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